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Syphilis is caused by bacteria known as Treponema pallidum.

 This disease can affect all organs of the body. It occures in two forms - early and late.

Early syphilis includes primary and secondary syphilis.

Late syphilis includes nervous system syphilis, cardiovascular syphilis and gummatous syphilis.

Besides these is latent syphilis when there are no symptoms or signs of syphilis, but blood test for syphilis are positive.

Signs and symptoms

Primary syphilis:

-The ulcer may appear anywhere on the genitals.

- In males often the ulcer is on the glans p*nis.

-In females the ulcer could be in the vagina on the valva or the perineum or perinal skin.

- The inguinal lymph nodes are enlarged.

Secondary syphilis

-A generalised rash which is non itchy may appear all over the body.   -The rash is spotted and elevated.

- There may be sores inside the mouth and generalised lymph nodes enlargement.

Late syphilis

Neurological syphilis

- meningitis

- general paresis of the insane

- tables dorsalis.

Cardiovascular syphilis

- aortic aneurysm

- aortic valve disease.

- coronary artery disease.

Gummatous syphilis

- chronic slowly healing ulcers with scarring.

- deep seated lumps.

Ulcers of primary syphilis are painless firm sores and can appear anywhere on the body.

 Ulcers may heal without treatment. Usually there are enlarged inguinal lymph nodes also.

The rash of the secondary syphilis is non itchy, generalised maculopapular rash.

There is usually generalised lympadenopathy and there may be sores in the mouth. All system s can be affected in secondary syphilis.

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